Lessons Learned in IT Offshoring

TitelLessons Learned in IT Offshoring
MedientypConference Paper
Jahr d. Veröffentlichung2005
AutorenAmberg, M. & Wiener, M.
KonferenzISOneWorld Conference
PublisherProceedings of the ISOneWorld Conference
KonferenzortLas Vegas/Nevada, USA

Due to excellent skills and sufficient capacities in low-wage countries like India, an
increased business trend to offshoring has become visible. In this context, already
established practices from the U.S. are finding a growing recognition in Europe. At
present, it can be noted that European companies are currently three years behind, trying to follow the offshoring trend. In order to bear up against the rising competitive pressure triggered by globalization, at least the large European companies will be interested in developing and implementing international outsourcing strategies in the long run. Despite the growing interest in IT offshoring, there are only few lessons learned documented. Within this paper, based on a comprehensive literature research and interviews with practitioners who work in the field of IT offshoring, key lessons learned are analyzed, selected, and structured in a classification framework. Within every single phase of an offshoring project, different success factors have to be taken into account. Therefore, the evaluated lessons learned presented in this paper are classified by the life cycle phases of an international outsourcing project. Additionally, the lessons learned are differentiated by strategical and operational issues.

Keywords: IT, Offshoring, Nearshoring, Lessons Learned, Success Factors